Dad's Solution For His Daughter's Temper Tantrum Is Inspiring Parents

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Anyone who has ever spent time with children knows that temper tantrums are unavoidable. It's not uncommon for kids to throw tantrums in public and sometimes it can feel like it reflects poorly on our parenting skills. Well, it does not and we should never feel embarrassed when it happens.

There's really no tried and true method to prevent a child from throwing a fit while you're browsing the aisles at the grocery store, but one dad has found a way of handling his daughter's tantrums and it is fantastic.

Instead of letting his three-year-old daughter, Ari, scream and kick her way through a Walmart store, Ohio native Terrel Rico Relz Crawford took the toddler out to the parking lot and proceeded to apply his method to successfully calm her down.

Crawford filmed the entire incident on Facebook Live and it has since gone viral. Parents everywhere have been praising the young dad for the way he handled the situation and you will be too when you see the video.

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